Wizard: Setup Complete

Once everything is setup the wizard will report the status of the running services and the locations at which the services can be found:

KRILL SETUP WIZARD: Setup complete                                [next: END]

Service status summary:
cert_renewer   1/1
host_metrics   1/1
krill          1/1
nginx          1/1
nginx_metrics  1/1
rsyncd         1/1
All services appear to be running.

Krill and related services should now be available as follows:
  - Krill Web Portal: https://ca.demo.krill.cloud/ (token: 4741d1f8-e317-488e-8c8a-a36e0cb16bf1)
  - RRDP URI        : https://rrdp.demo.krill.cloud/rrdp/
  - Rsync URI       : rsync://rsync.demo.krill.cloud/repo/
  - Prometheus monitoring endponts:
    - Krill         : http://ca.demo.krill.cloud:9657/metrics
    - NGINX         : http://ca.demo.krill.cloud:9113/metrics
    - Docker        : http://ca.demo.krill.cloud:9323/metrics
    - O/S           : http://ca.demo.krill.cloud:9100/metrics
    - Gluster       : http://ca.demo.krill.cloud:8080/metrics

Please consult the documentation for guidance on administering and
monitoring these services.


The NLnet Labs RPKI team.

Press any key to continue:

Verify that Krill is Running

Use the Krill Web Portal link and token to login to the Krill UI where you should see your newly created Certificate Authority and the details required to link your CA to a parent:

Krill UI screenshot.

Refer to the Krill Documentation to learn more about Krill.

Next Steps

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