Wizard: CA Name

Normally with Krill when first visiting the web UI you will be prompted to enter the name of your Certificate Authority.

Krill Manager streamlines this process by asking you for the Certificate Authority name during the Krill Manager wizard. Once the wizard is complete Krill Manager will automatically create a CA in Krill by the name that you give here:

KRILL SETUP WIZARD: CA name                                   [next: Domains]

What name would you like to use for your Certificate Authority?

Info: A Certificate Authority will be created in Krill for you using the
name that you specify.

> Certificate Authority name:

From Get Started with Krill:

The handle you select is not published in the RPKI but used as identification to parent and child CAs you interact with. Please choose a handle that helps others recognise your organisation. Once set, the handle cannot be changed.
The CA name:
  • Can be used with the Krill API to manipulate the CA.
  • Will be shown in the Krill web UI.
  • Will be visible to child CAs.
  • Will appear as a component in URIs contained in RRDP snapshot XML and delta XML content.
  • Will be used as a component in the Rsync repository path for fetching content with the Rsync protocol.
  • Will appear inside .roa and .mft objects served via RRDP and Rsync.