To use Krill Manager you will need the following:

  • A DigitalOcean or AWS account (to create the virtual machine that will run Krill Manager, Krill, et al).
  • The ability to create DNS subdomain A records (to point one or more domains at the new VM).


  • Your own TLS certificate and key file(s) (in PEM format) for the domain(s) that you wish to use with Krill. When using your own TLS certificate files you will need to upload them to the VM before performing the initial setup, e.g.:

    scp /local/path/to/certificate.pem username@<IP address>:/tmp/


    It is not necessary to use your own TLS certificates as Krill Manager can obtain for you a Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate per configured domain. Krill Manager will ensure that Let’s Encrypt certificates are renewed before they expire.

  • Connection details and credentials for an AWS S3 compatible service to which host and application logs can be uploaded periodically.