Krill Manager

Krill Manager is a tool for running Krill as a highly available scalable service. It brings together all of the puzzle pieces needed to administer and run Delegated RPKI with Krill.

Krill Manager includes Krill, RRDP and Rsync servers and exposes information for monitoring and log analysis. The integrated setup wizard allows for seamless TLS configuration, optionally using Let’s Encrypt, as well as automated updating of the application itself and all included components.

Krill with Krill Manager is available for free as a 1-Click App on the AWS Marketplace and the DigitalOcean Marketplace.

You can watch an introduction to the capabilities of Krill Manager in the video below. It walks through setting up Krill and all additional components using the 1-Click App, configure the Certificate Authority to run Delegated RPKI under a Regional Internet Registry and create ROAs, all in just 6 minutes real-time.